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Choosing a Pet Daycare in Franklin, TN – Doggie Daycare

Pet Daycare Franklin, TN and Brentwood, TN

Does your dog need a playdate? Does he want some new friends? Does she love playing with you, but need a little more? Would the company of other dogs (and other people) make him happy? A pet daycare in Franklin, TN could be just what your dog needs.

How do I know if pet daycare in Franklin or Brentwood, TN is right for my dog?

Look at his personality. Does he enjoy the company of other dogs? Does he like to be around other dogs? Does he play with other dogs, and how well does he play with other dogs? Does he go to the dog park and love it? And how active is he? Not all dogs are suitable for doggie daycare. It’s a lot of activity and they need to be able to enjoy it. Some dogs are more low-key. They like to just hang out with other dogs, but not necessarily play a lot. You have to know what level your dog is on.

What about pet daycare safety?

You need to really check with the individual facility. Do they do a screening process? Do they have proper supervision and staff on the floor at all times, and the dogs are never left unattended. How well is the staff educated? Do they have security measures like double gates to outside entrances, no electric cords in play areas and safe, non-skid surfaces in the play areas? Does the pet daycare have emergency procedures in place and what are they?

What about other dogs? Can there be too many dogs in pet daycare? How many staff should I expect?

It depends on the experience of the staff person and the activity level of the dogs. Some states have mandated minimums, where it’s a requirement of one staff person to every 15 dogs. The Pet Care Services Association, a national organization that’s involved in daycare, boarding and other pet services, recommends one staffer per 15 dogs, although allowances are made for more active groups, where a ratio of one staffer per 10 dogs is preferred, or less active groups, where 20 dogs per staffer is acceptable.

Should dogs be separated by size in pet daycare?

It’s not just size, because small dogs and young puppies are the same size, but they’re not appropriate players. So I would also look at the activity level, the play style of the dogs. Look at the size and also the dogs’ personalities. For instance, Jack Russell terriers don’t play well with little poodles, although they’re roughly the same size.

What kind of training should I expect from the staff?

At a minimum a pet daycare in Franklin, TN should have training in body language, signs of stress and basic animal care. But ideally you really want a good behavioral foundation of how dogs communicate and the intricacies of the canine communication. Almost nothing a dog does is incidental or accidental. There’s a lot being said by dogs and we don’t see it, even in their overt behaviors.

Dog behavior or communication is complex in itself and then you throw the dynamics of a group in there and it makes it even more complex. Of course it takes a while to learn all this, but staffers should know at least the basics and then the more they are aware, the more they see. People can learn so much just by watching dogs interact. I tell pet daycare workers to just go to a dog park without their dogs and just watch the interaction.

How long should my dog spend in pet daycare? How often should he visit?

It depends on the dog. Some pet daycare facilities in Franklin, TN and Brentwood, TN require a set number of visits at first to incorporate a dog into the group. A good facility in Franklin, and Brentwood, TN will let you know if your dog needs a break.

Obviously, younger, more active dogs need it more, otherwise they can get into trouble at home. Older, less active dogs might only need it occasionally. Take your cues from your pet.

Pet daycare in Franklin, TN can be a great way to socialize your dog – to give him playdates. Your dog may enjoy being with other dogs and being around other people. Plus, time in pet daycare can help your dog get out some energy.

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