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The Wonderful Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming Services

If we humans like to go to the spa for some well-deserved indulgence after working hard day in and day out, then doesn’t your loyal pet deserve some pampering of their own, as well? Taking your furry companion to a dog spa in Franklin, TN and Brentwood, TN, is the perfect way to not only pamper your dog but to also ensure that they are healthy and well groomed. From puppy massages to haircuts and washes with professional products, a reputable dog spa can provide your dog with top-notch treatment that will make them not only look great but feel great, too. Let Franklin Kennel’s paper your precious pet.  Contact us to speak to our experienced and certified groomers, today!

Here are some of the many wonderful benefits of taking your furry friend to the dog spa:


Professional Haircuts

Every breed of dog has their own unique style of fur. Since no two breeds are exactly the same, why should their haircuts be? A professional dog spa will be able to provide your lovable pup with the appropriate haircut that best fits the type of fur they have. With a professional haircut from a dog grooming service, your pup will be comfortable no matter what season it is.

Top Notch Grooming Products

As stated above, each dog has their own unique coat that needs to be tended to in different ways. A reputable dog spa will have a variety of grooming products ranging from shampoos to brushes–for both long hair and short hair dogs–that meet the needs of all dogs with different coats.

Nail Trimming

It’s very important for your pup’s nails to be trimmed at least once a month. However, every owner knows that this task is easier said than done. At a luxurious dog spa, groomers will have the ability to trim your dog’s nails without running the risk of hurting them by trimming them too short. Trained groomers will be able to turn this tricky task into a pain-free experience for your pup.

Health Detections

There have been many situations where bringing a dog to a dog spa has led to the detection of parasites and other health problems. Since dog spas hire professional groomers who are well-trained in the anatomy of a dog, they will be the first to notice if something is not right. Usually, professional groomers can detect parasites, fleas, ear mites, lumps, skin discoloration, lesions, rashes, gum discoloration, and other early warning signs of sickness. Their early detection of any abnormalities will allow you to get the help your pup needs at a faster rate.

A Healthy, Pampered Dog

A team of professional groomers will be able to provide your dog with top-notch services that will only help their health and well-being. Since groomers at dog spas have years of experience in the care and anatomy of dogs, they will be able to take care of your furry companion without causing harm during their pampering sessions. Before starting a session, a groomer will carefully look over your puppy from its paws to its ears for any cuts, scratches, skin irritations, fleas, ticks, thorns, etc., that may need to be tended to. Groomers want to make sure that your puppy is 100% taken care of and healthy when leaving their care.

As you can see, there are so many wonderful benefits to a luxurious dog spa. With the right team of groomers, your dog will have the best, stress-free experience–even through those tricky nail trimming sessions. After a day spent at the dog spa, your pet will be happy, handsome, and most importantly, healthy. If you are looking for dog grooming and a dog spa in Franklin, TN, Brentwood and Murfreesboro, TN, call Franklin Kennels, today! Let our professional grooming staff pamper your precious pet. Each one of our certified groomers has been with our Franklin Kennels family from 14+ years. Be assured each pet is unique and special to us.



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