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Grooming Aggressive Dogs

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If you have a pup whose bite is worse than their bark, then you know the difficulties that come with bringing them to the groomers. Luckily, groomers in Brentwood and Franklin, TN are more than qualified to handle this type of aggression and will use their training to ensure that your pup is properly groomed and have an experience that will make them more comfortable and less combative for their next visit. From their extensive training–usually from working at shelters, with vets, and trainers–a groomer will be able to assess the type of aggression that your furry friend is showing and use specific grooming skills accordingly. A few popular forms of aggression include dominance aggression, territorial aggression, food aggression, fear aggression, possessive aggression, pain aggression, and predatory aggression. Sometimes the type of aggression that a pup is showing will be apparent from the start, while other times it may take a groomer some time to determine it. Regardless, any highly trained groomer knows different techniques that will keep them safe from the occasional nip and bite from a pugnacious little pup.

Here are a few ways that professional groomers avoid bites from aggressive dogs:

  • Avoiding direct eye-contact: When grooming a pup that shows signs of aggression, a well-trained groomer will not make direct eye-contact with him/her. During the grooming experience, the groomer will use their peripheral vision to watch the dog. Many pups distinguish direct eye-contact as a form of a threat, resulting in a nip or bite to ward off or serve as a warning. To avoid this unpleasant situation, the groomer will only use their peripheral vision, allowing for an easier grooming experience and to set a tone of trust for the pup. As the pup feels more comfortable and trusting, they will be less likely to nip and bite in their next grooming session.
  • Picking up the pup ‘lamb-style’: Picking up a dog that shows signs of aggression in ‘lamb-style’ will pose as less of a threat to them. When someone or something unfamiliar to them stands over top of them, they will quickly feel threatened. Any reputable groomer will know to handle these dogs with ease and carefulness. When it’s time to move them from station to station, a groomer will carefully pick them up ‘lamb-style’–placing one arm around the chest and the other around their hind part.
  • Providing treats: Dog treats are sure to help turn a skeptical, aggressive dog into the good boy that every owner knows their pup can be. To avoid getting nipped or bitten, groomers will have treats on hand to reward a dog throughout the grooming process. This will also help your furry friends create a positive association with the dog spa and the groomer that works on them. A trained groomer will place dog treats on the grooming table to feed them while they are brushing or trimming their coat. Or, they will have them nearby during bath time. Sometimes, groomers will allow the dogs to sniff and investigate the tools they will be using during their session and will reward the pups that touch the tools. Every dog loves a good treat, so this is a great way to relax the nerves of those pups who show signs of aggression.
  • Using an assistant: Although groomers never like to use force when grooming a pup, sometimes it’s necessary when the pup is overly aggressive. To save themselves from severe bites, a professional groomer will use an assistant to help gently restrain the pup from jumping around and causing injury while the groomer does their job.

There’s really nothing a groomer hasn’t dealt with before, so, no matter the situation, they will be able to give your pup the best grooming experience possible.


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