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Why does your cat pee on your bed (or other places NOT the litter box)

Ugh! Not again! The cat has peed on your bed or on the curtains or the floor. Why isn’t he using the litter box?! Well, there could be some very good reasons and usually, this challenge can be corrected. We’ll tell you more about why cats sometimes pee where they aren’t supposed to and how you can guide them back to better behavior.

Medical Concerns:  Call Your Local Pet Vet in Franklin

The first issue to consider if a cat has begun to urinate inappropriately and/or on the bed, is the possibility of illness or injury. Cats usually want to use their litter boxes and feel most comfortable using them, so it is not a good sign if a cat stops using theirs.

A complete check-up with a pet vet in Franklin, TN, is the best first step. Oftentimes a cat with a urinary tract infection (UTI) or kidney infection will urinate while sleeping, and our beds are a common place for cats to sleep.

Elderly cats may have difficulty getting in and out of the litter box, and may need some adjustments to help with this.

Medical issues can be complicated, so it is best to check for these first with your veterinarian in order to be sure that the problem is not a physical one.

Stress or Anxiety

Another one of the main reasons that a cat may be urinating inappropriately (and in your bed) is stress.

Have you recently introduced a new cat or kitten? Cats are territorial by nature, so if a new cat has recently been introduced to the home, the original cat (or even the new cat) may be marking its territory which includes your bed (since it is filled with your scent!)

Moving to a new home, changes in the household or the people living in it, or even rearrangement of furniture may stress a sensitive cat so much that they end up urinating in your bed where they feel safe and comfortable.

Did you recently take on a new job or activity which means less time at home? A cat may be stressed due to the lack of attention or time with you as well. A lonely, sad cat may be anxious and exhibiting this behaviorally.

Consider any recent changes that may be upsetting your cat and if possible, keep things consistent. If changes must occur, spend extra time comforting your cat, providing toys and safe spaces, or try Feliway plug-ins. Many cat owners have had luck with Feliway, which releases a synthetic hormone that calms cats and relieves their anxiety.

Problems with the Litter Box

Another reason that a cat may be urinating outside of the litter box is a problem with the box itself.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Have you recently changed litter? Is it too strongly scented for your cat? Have you tried changing the litter to see if the problem resolves itself? If you have a kitten, can it climb into the box or is it too high? Is the litter box in a place that is quiet and feels safe for your cat?

Cats prefer their litter box to stay in the same place all the time, and for the same litter to be used (once you find one that works well.) They must feel safe using the litter box, away from loud noises, footsteps and other animals that may bother them. If you imagine your own need for time alone and privacy when using the restroom, it makes sense! Cats are at their most vulnerable when using the litter box and if they do not feel comfortable there, they may look for the next safest place, which could very well be your bed

So, there you have it – some key reasons cats make a mess outside the litter box.

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