What To Expect At Your Puppy’s First Vet Visit

Raising a puppy is such a rewarding experience that comes with such joy and love. However, it’s no walk in the park, either. Taking care of a puppy requires a wealth of responsibility and preparedness–both mentally and financially. But when done right, it can result in long-life companionship. Anyone who has a furry friend can tell you that the most exciting day is when your puppy is old enough to come home with you. Once your cute, furry friend is finally old enough to come home, be sure to schedule an appointment with your local pet vet in Franklin, TN. Your puppy’s first check-up is one of the most important ones, so don’t wait last minute to schedule with your veterinarian!

Your Pet’s First Trip to the Vet

On average, puppies will go home to their new owners at the age of 6-8 weeks. During this time period, it’s essential to bring them to the vet, however, some owners can wait until they are 10 weeks old. Keep in mind, the longer you wait, the more risk you put your pup in. If you are planning your pet’s first trip to the vet, here are a few things to expect:

  • Your pup will be weighed.
  • The vet will listen to his heart and lungs.
  • His nose, ears, eyes, feet, and genitalia will be examined.
  • The vet will take a look at his coat and skin.
  • His mouth and teeth will be examined.

Additionally, you will be required to bring a sample of your puppy’s feces–the vet will check the sample for the presence of worms. Throughout this process, your vet will ask you questions regarding your puppy’s history while giving you the opportunity to discuss any questions and concerns you may have. Your vet will go over any spaying a neutering options available in addition to a list of shots your pup will need on his next visit. Lastly, your pup will receive a few vaccinations on their first visit. Some of these include distemper, canine hepatitis, canine parvovirus, and rabies. In addition to these vaccines, your pup may be required to receive non-core vaccines. Non-core vaccines are typically for puppies who live in specific locations or have a lifestyle that could put them at risk for diseases. Your vet will be able to give you more information on non-core vaccines upon your visit.

At your puppy’s first vet visit, be sure to bring any and all paperwork and medical records you may have from the breeder or rescue facility. This information will help them understand more about your puppy and his specific needs.

With these things in mind, both you and your pet will be better prepared for their first visit to the vet!


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