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Debunking Common Cat Boarding Myths

Pet Boarding Myths

Far too often, pet boarding facilities are surrounded by myths of their practices and establishments. Unfortunately, this is due to the very few pet kennels that treated their facilities with carelessness. At Franklin Kennels, we understand the hesitation you may have when it comes to placing your furry friend in a kennel while you’re away. So, we’re here to put your minds at rest and debunk some common myths that are wrongly associated with boarding facilities. If you have questions regarding pet boarding or pet daycare in Franklin, TN, Brentwood, TN or Murfreesboro, TN, call Franklin Kennels today!  We’re here to help!

For now, here are some boarding myths we’ve debunked for you:

  • Cats are fine on their own: While your feline friend may seem to be self-sufficient and pretty low-maintenance, you should never leave them on their own when your away. While they can manage on their own for extended hours–i.e., while you’re at work or running errands–if you are going to be gone for more than a day, you should always find a sitter for your cat or place them in a reputable boarding facility. Surprisingly, cats do get lonely and anxious without their owner and can even get themselves into trouble when left alone for too long. We’re debunking this myth and advising you to place your cat in a nice boarding facility during your travels.
  • It’s not safe to have them around other noisy pets: This myth is a common concern of most pet owners; however, a high-quality pet boarding facility will not place your cat with miscellaneous pets. 10 out of 10 times, cats are kept in a separate area–even building–than other animals. Since other cats are typically not loud, your cat will be just fine.
  • They might catch a disease: Even though cats are kept in the same building, they are not boarded together and have their own separate spaces. Since there is zero interaction with other cats, it’s very unlikely that your feline friend will catch any diseases during their stay. Additionally, almost all reputable boarding establishments have modern air filtration systems and air purifiers that help to deter any form of airborne illness and bacteria. Most importantly, cats are required to have certain vaccinations and if they don’t, boarding establishments will not let them use their facilities. Therefore, your cat will not catch any diseases while in boarding.
  • They don’t like being in a cage all day: True, cats don’t like being in a cage all day, but that’s not something you have to worry about when placing them in a boarding service. Most cat boarding facilities keep your beloved feline friend in enclosures that are spacious and comfortable. Many of the workers there take the time to ensure that your cat is well taken care of, entertained, and happy.

Many myths surround the practices of boarding facilities, but rest assured that these establishments are here to help your cats! All the employees at our boarding facilities have a love for animals and make it their mission to keep each pet–cat or dog–safe and happy. If you are in need of cat boarding or dog boarding in Franklin, TN, Brentwood or Murfreesboro, TN, contact Franklin Kennels.


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