Protecting Your Pets Against Fleas During the Fall Season

September through November are three of the worst months when it comes to fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, that cool and crisp 60-degree weather that we love is quite conducive for the habitation of fleas and ticks, and they love to make a home for themselves just about anywhere–including the fur of your beloved furry friend. While our pets grow thick winter fur to keep themselves warm, fleas take this as a comfy and cozy invite for residence. If the presences of fleas and ticks on your pet goes undetected, they will surely make their way into your home and wreak havoc.

To successfully avoid this itchy situation, here are a few tips and tricks you can use to help protect your pets during the fall season:

  • Keep Your Yard In Tip-Top Shape: Fleas and ticks love to hide out in leaves, twigs, and other piles of organic debris. Since it’s never a fun option to keep your pet inbound, you will need to keep your front and backyard in great condition. His includes keeping your garden–if you have one–clean and properly maintained. Fallen leaves and twigs should be raked up and placed in secure and durable garbage bags, and your lawn should be properly mowed. If you have any bird feeders, be sure that any leftover feed laying on the ground is swept away–the last thing you want is flea/tick-carrying varmint to enter your yard and contaminate your furry friend.
  • Pet Spot Checks: To ensure that fleas and ticks stay far away from the inside on your home, you’ll want to give your pet a good once-over after every hike, walk, and outdoor activity. To minimize the chance of your pet picking up fleas or ticks on their walk, consider draping a covering on them, so fleas have less likely of a chance of hopping on for a ride.
  • Clean Constantly: If your pet has any bedding, fabric toys, etc., it’s essential that you clean them on a regular basis. Additionally, your carpets should be steamed frequently. Ticks and fleas are nasty critters that can leave with them countless eggs and larvae. To avoid the possibility of infestation, it’s essential that you keep a clean home.
  • Purchase Flea and Tick Resistant Products: Local grocery stores and pharmacies sell various flea and tick resistant products for both pets and humans. From shampoos to shots, you can add an extra level of protection to your furry friend. Consider purchasing medicated shampoos, flea-resistant collars, sprays, and topical medicines for your furry friend. It’s advised that you talk to your local vet to see which product works the best and is the safest for your pet.

With these tricks in mind, your pet and your family will be safe against the onslaught of fleas and ticks during these fall months.


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