Tips for Boarding Your Pets During the Holidays

Traveling with pets during the holiday season can be quite difficult and sometimes, even impossible. Therefore, there’s no shame in boarding your pets during the holidays; so many families do it! A boarding facility staffed with trained professional pet caregivers is the best option for your pet during the holidays. With an excellent facility and loving staff members, your furry friend will feel like they are on vacation, too. While full of the spirit of magic, the holiday season can be a bit stressful. You can eliminate one less stress and locate a clean and reputable boarding facility for your pet during your travels.

If you decided to board your pets during the holidays, here are a few great tips to follow to ensure that you’re fully prepared:

  • Vaccinations are Key: Any top-quality boarding facility will require that your pet’s shots are up to date. To avoid any last-minute frustrations, be sure to research the vaccinations that are required by the facility and make sure that your pet has had all of them. We suggest doing this a few weeks to a month in advance just in case you have to make an appointment with your local vet first. Booster shots should also be done a month in advance.
  • Bring an Item that Offers Comfort: If this is a new experience for your pet, it’s important that you bring something from home to make them feel more comfortable. This can be their favorite toy, bone, bed, old t-shirt, etc. Even though they are small, these special items can help keep homesickness at bay, allowing your pup to have a great time in their mini-vacation spot.
  • Give It a Test Run: If you are unsure of how your furry friend will handle a stay in a reputable boarding facility (or perhaps, how you’ll handle the separation, too), it might be wise to give it a test run. With an overnight trial, you will get a better understanding of how your pup does and if this boarding facility is a good fit. Most importantly, it will also allow your pup to grow familiar with the place. If you and your furry friend seem to have a successful test run, then it’s safe to say that the two of you will be just fine.
  • Do Your Research: Your pup deserves nothing but the best, so be sure to take the time to do your research and locate the best pet boarding facility nearby. If you have friends with pets, it might be helpful to ask them where they board their pets during the holidays as well. Most importantly, once you locate a pet boarding facility, it’s encouraged that you ask all the questions needed to ensure that your furry friend will be properly taken care of.

These helpful tips can truly make a difference in your pet’s boarding experience. It’s never easy to leave behind during the holiday season, but knowing that they are safe and happy in the right facility will certainly put your mind at ease

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