The Importance of Maintaining a Proper Grooming Routine for Your Dog

Just as we have our own self-care routines that we like to stick by, it’s important for your pet to have a grooming routine of their own. From the first time you bring your furry friend home, it’s essential to train them to like bath time and other necessary grooming routines. This way, for years to come, your pup’s grooming routine is easy and less frustrating for you. Maintaining a proper grooming routine for your dog will not only keep them healthy and clean, but it will also help keep you and your home clean and healthy as well. Here’s why grooming your dog (and maintaining that schedule) is so important:

  • Great Appearance: Proper grooming techniques allow your pup to look their best all the time. Surprisingly, having a great appearance will also have a positive psychological effect on your pup. Think about it; other people and children that your pup may come in contact with may be more afraid or reserved around a dog that looks unkempt. But, if your pup it well groomed, more people will willingly interact with him, providing the opportunity for more socialization. A clean pup is a happy pup.
  • Health Check Opportunity: Maintain a good grooming schedule will provide you with the opportunity to conduct health checks on your pup. Whether it’s during bath time or when your pup is getting their nails, ears, teeth, etc., these moments serve as the perfect opportunity to check for any bumps, lumps, or areas that might cause them pain. When you are cleaning their teeth, make sure to keep an eye out for bleeding gums and noticeably bad breath. Additionally, you’ll want to feel their paw pads for any sensitive spots. The sooner you identify the problem, the faster your vet can help your pup which is why it’s so important to keep a regimented grooming schedule.
  • Clean House: While grooming your dog regularly will help to keep your dog nice and clean, it will also allow your house to be cleaner as well. The more you brush your dog, the less hair and dander will shed inside your home. This is very helpful for those who suffer from allergies; less dander around the house means less allergic reactions or flare-ups.

While these are very important reasons why you should maintain a proper grooming schedule, it also allows some quality bonding time with your pup. You pup certainly won’t mind the love and attention that’s being given to them during their grooming sessions.


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