Boarding Your Cat

We want you to be completely comfortable while leaving your cat in our care.  Our cat lodging area is located away from our canine guest, creating a stress-free environment.  Our kitty guests are continually monitored by our experienced staff.

Cleanliness and safety are of the utmost importance!

We strive to provide a fun atmosphere for our feline friends.  Please stop in and visit!


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  • We require a prior reservation in order to board.
  •  Each of our feline guest are required to be current on the following vaccinations…….  **Rabies & ** FVRC-P.
  •  We ask that all cats be transported in and out of our building in a vari-kennel, kitty carrier, etc. 
  •  Upon arrival, we  remove all collars/harnesses and return them to you.
  •  Our facility is completely heated and cooled.
  •  Each boarding area contains a fluffy, plush comfy cushion and litter box.  You may bring personal items from home if you’d like.  Personal items will be used at our discretion.  Please NO glass containers.    
  •  Fresh water is available at all times.
  •  Our kitty guest are exercised twice daily.  We have kitty condos and kitty towers, plus fun and stimulating toys for entertainment.  We do not allow group play.
  • Each guest is fed 2 times per day unless otherwise instructed by you.  You are welcome to bring your own food.  If you elect to bring your own food, we ask that you only bring enough food for your cats stay (please no large bags of food).  If you do not bring food from home we will gladly serve our premium cat food.
  •  Your cat will be monitored to make sure he/she is eating/drinking appropriately.
  • We will administer medication (if needed and provided by you) per your instructions. (Additional charges are incurred).
     If you have any questions or concerns while your kitty is with us, please give us a call.  Any of our staff members will gladly assist you !!   We want you to be completely at ease while away !