Dog Boarding Services

We know how important it is to choose “the right” place to leave your 4 legged family member. Boarding your pet can be stressful for you and your pet. We strive to maintain a clean, safe and loving environment for each of our guests. Should an emergency arise or if we simply have a question — we are conveniently located across the parking lot from Williamson County Animal Hospital.

We encourage you to ask questions – We want you to have the “peace of mind” in knowing you have trusted your pets with an experienced, caring and loving staff.

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  •  All guests go outside into our play area at least 3 times per day.
  • Our guest are fed 2 times per day, unless otherwise instructed by you. You are welcome to bring your own food. We ask that you package your pet’s food individually, in per meal portions or only enough food for the boarding period. No large bags, please.
  •  Each boarding area contains comfy bedding and blankets. Extra bedding is provided for our senior guests.
  •  You may bring blankets and bedding from home if you’d like. Personal items will be used at our discretion. Every attempt will be made to ensure each item is returned upon departure. Please do not bring items of sentimental value.
  •  Fresh water is available at all times.
  •  Unless instructed differently, each guest will receive a special treat in the morning and one late in the evening.
  •  We have toys available for those “active” guest that require a little more exercise.
  •  Upon arrival, we remove all collars and return them to you. This is to ensure the safety of each guest. We place a breakaway I/D tag on each guest for proper identification.
  •  Our facility is completely heated and cooled. We do not board pets outside.
  •  Each staff member will familiarize themselves with your pets boarding personality. Getting to know our guest helps us to determine if a problem should arise such as illness, depression, stress, etc.
  •  We will administer medications (if needed and provided by you) per your instructions. (additional charges are incurred).
  •  We require a prior reservation in order to board.
  •  Each time you board we require our guest be current on the following vaccinations :
    Dogs: Rabies, DHLP-P, and Bordetella
    Cats: Rabies, FVRC-P

If you’d like a bath upon departure — just let our receptionist know when you check in and we’ll be glad to schedule a luxury massaging bath.