Grooming Services

Let our professional grooming staff pamper your precious pet.
You’ll be comforted to know each one of our certified groomers has been with our Franklin Kennels family from 14-21 years. Each groomer is experienced in handling all ages, temperaments and breeds from mixed breeds to AKC registered breeds. Be assured each pet is unique and special to us.

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What to expect during a grooming session:

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    • Upon arrival you will talk to your groomer to discuss the type of hair cut you desire for your pet. During this initial conversation we urge you to make your  groomer aware of any issues (health, behavioral, skin conditions, allergies, etc.). We encourage you to ask questions and get to know your groomer.
    •  Your pet will receive several outside “potty breaks” and be offered fresh water while spending time with us.
    •  Our entire grooming shop is a climate controlled area. Your pet will be comfortable the entire grooming session.
    •  Our dryers are non-heated forced air dryers. We do not use heated dryers. This ensures that our guest are safe and do not become overheated during the drying process.
    •  Our grooming shop is a “very large” and friendly area.
    •  We strive to make each grooming session a pleasant and comfortable experience.
    •  Based on your information and your pets individual needs the groomer will select the appropriate shampoo/conditioner that will promote healthy skin and coat.

Each grooming session will include:

    •  Complete mat free brush out (before the bath)
    •  Nails trimmed
    •  Blueberry facial
    •  Massaging shampoo & thorough rinse.
    •  Blow out of loose hair and undercoat (if applicable)
    •  Fluff dry
    •  Ears cleaned
    •  Professional cut and style
    •  Finishing brush and comb out

Please give us a call. We’ll be happy to schedule a dog grooming appointment for you. Check out our “gallery” for pictures of some of our guests.

Give us a call for a bathing appointment.


If your pet is in need of JUST a bath with NO haircut —call us and schedule a massaging bath.  Each luxury bath includes all of the same services as a full grooming minus the haircut.   Let us PAMPER your pet !!!